Shimoda Harmony Properties SLP

Shimoda Harmony Properties SLP, Luxembourg
A Special Limited Partnership ("SLP") investing in and developing luxury real estate projects in Portugal, working with high-end architects.
The structure and service provider team is as follows :-

General Partner - Shimoda Capital Partners S.A.

Architect Partners -

SLP Administrator - Solution Fiduciaire Luxembourg S.A.

SLP Custodian - TBA

Accounting - Solution Fiduciaire Luxembourg S.A.

Legal Counsel -

Class "A" Shares -

For a copy of the SLP documentation, email to realty at

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Contact Us

  • Shimoda Capital Partners
  • P.O. Box 204,
  • George Town, KY1-1104
  • Grand Cayman
  • or
  • 9-11 Rue Louvigny,
  • L-1946 Luxembourg
  • Email: info at