News & Events

News & Events

(2020) Cayman Laws passed in line with EU Commitment
(2019) Shimoda presents at BPP Economic Crime Symposium
(2018) Shimoda presents at Offshore Alert Conference, London
(2018) Shimoda directors take over board of LFP I umbrella fund in Luxembourg
(2009) GAIM - Global Risk Control of Funds, Cayman
(2008) GAIM - Centre of Main Interest, Cayman

As reported in the press...

(17/5/21) Lux Times - Michel Barnier calls for European financial prosecutor after LFP I briefing
(7-4-21) Police raid firms as Columna saga rumbles on
(31/3/21) Lux Times - Police search Alter Domus's offices in LFP I probe
(18/3/21) Noomen est Omen - article re defrauded shareholders in Equity Power Fund
(11/3/21) LFP I Shareholder Representatives' Intervention in Luxembourg Law Suits
(4/3/21) Zoom call - Equity Power Fund update
(2/2/21) Belgian Court convicts & bankrupts Levi Dewaeganaere, Equity Power Fund real estate advisor for Alter Domus
(18/1/21) Times of Israel article re Equity Power Fund and the Israeli investors
(9/1/21) Alter Domus ex-real estate fund now under judicial protection
(18/12/20) Lux Times - Investors sue CSSF for not protecting against losses
(11/12/20) LFP I files against Luxembourg regulator CSSF for gross negligence
(3/12/20) LFP I files against Alter Domus over Blackstar Commodities
(24/11/20) Lux Times - LFP1 left without a board of directors after voting
(23/11/20) Lux Times - shareholder battles for control
(23/10/20) CSSF sued for gross negligence, € 100 million damages sought
(30/9/20) Director Mapley requests EGM to change board of directors
(14/9/20) Financial Times - Luxembourg financial watchdog sharpens teeth after criticism
(3/9/20) Alter Domus sued over Ponzi scheme Equity Power Fund mismanagement
(11/8/20) Director Mapley files appeal against CSSF punitive measures
(9/7/20) Court sentences director linked to EPF fraud case
(30/6/20) Equity Power Fund advisor Dewaegenaere jailed for financial fraud
(22/6/20) Columna claim against ABN Amro filed for US$ 37.55 million
(3/6/20) CSSF suspend critical fund director
(26/5/20) Director Mapley statement re CSSF attack
(25/5/20) CSSF suspends Director Mapley
(19/4/20) Investment Officer - CSSF fails to enforce fund regulation
(19/3/20) The Luxembourg walls that seem to shelter financial fraud
(26/2/20) - La CSSF accusée
(25/2/20) Paperjam - La CSSF dans le viseur des administrateurs d’un fonds
(24/2/20) Financial Times - Luxembourg regulator accused of failing to protect investors
(30/1/20) Luxembourg Times - Law firm A&O told to drop client over conflict of interest
(22/1/20) LFP I Press Release - LFP increases Columna claims against Socgen to $47 million
(2/1/20) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ex-directors for €53 million Columna losses
(18/12/19) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ABN Amro over $10 million Columna losses
(6/12/19) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ex-directors, administrators over Aventor Ponzi scheme
(12/11/19) Luxembourg Times - LFP sues PWC over Aventor Ponzi scheme audits
(16/10/19) Expert Investor - LFP sues Urban Capital Group over Equity Power Fund fraud
(28/8/19) Luxembourg Times - LFP accuses Belgian businessman, says millions missing
(3/8/19) Belgian Times Times - Investigation into fraud with Belgian real estate
(26/4/19) Expert Investor - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(18/4/19) Reuters - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(19/4/19) Delano - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(28/1/19) Press report - LFP sues SocGen, ex-custodian, for $9 million
(17/1/19) International Adviser - Investment firm takes fund manager battle to Luxembourg court (10/9/18) International Adviser - Investigator steps up pressure on scam Sicav fund
(20/8/18) Expert Investor - Columna fund investigator calls for Lux. regulator action
(30/7/18) International Adviser - Failed Columna fund sets up task force
(28/10/11) Reuters - Goldman sued for $1.07 billion over Timberwolf CDO
(14/6/10) ABC 4Corners TV - Timberwolf, One Shitty Deal
(14/6/10) ABC 4Corners TV - One Shitty Deal
(17/5/10) Reuters - Australia should also probe Goldman: SEC informant
(15/5/10) Wall Street Journal - SEC Chief's Big Bet on Goldman
(27/4/10) US Senate Investigation - Goldman Sachs Hearing

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