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(4/8/21) Intel Suisse alleges CSSF fails to uphold MIFID II, fails to protect investors
(7-4-21) Police raid firms as Columna saga rumbles on
(31/3/21) Lux Times - Police search Alter Domus's offices in LFP I probe
(18/3/21) Noomen est Omen - article re defrauded shareholders in Equity Power Fund
(11/3/21) LFP I Shareholder Representatives intervene in Luxembourg Law Suits
(4/3/21) Zoom call - Equity Power Fund update
(12/2/21) Lux Times - LFP I funds firm at centre of criminal investigation
(2/2/21) Belgian Court convicts & bankrupts Levi Dewaeganaere, Equity Power Fund real estate advisor for Alter Domus
(18/1/21) Times of Israel article re Equity Power Fund and the Israeli investors
(9/1/21) Alter Domus ex-real estate fund now under judicial protection
(18/12/20) Lux Times - Investors sue CSSF for not protecting against losses
(11/12/20) LFP I files against Luxembourg regulator CSSF for gross negligence
(3/12/20) LFP I files against Alter Domus over Blackstar Commodities
(24/11/20) Lux Times - LFP1 left without a board of directors after voting
(23/11/20) Lux Times - shareholder battles for control
(23/10/20) CSSF sued for gross negligence, € 100 million damages sought
(30/9/20) Director Mapley requests EGM to change board of directors
(14/9/20) Financial Times - Luxembourg financial watchdog sharpens teeth after criticism
(3/9/20) Alter Domus sued over Ponzi scheme Equity Power Fund mismanagement
(11/8/20) Director Mapley files appeal against CSSF punitive measures
(9/7/20) Court sentences director linked to EPF fraud case
(30/6/20) Equity Power Fund advisor Dewaegenaere jailed for financial fraud
(22/6/20) Columna claim against ABN Amro filed for US$ 37.55 million
(3/6/20) CSSF suspend critical fund director
(26/5/20) Director Mapley statement re CSSF attack
(25/5/20) CSSF suspends Director Mapley
(19/4/20) Investment Officer - CSSF fails to enforce fund regulation
(19/3/20) The Luxembourg walls that seem to shelter financial fraud
(26/2/20) - La CSSF accusée
(25/2/20) Paperjam - La CSSF dans le viseur des administrateurs d’un fonds
(24/2/20) Financial Times - Luxembourg regulator accused of failing to protect investors
(30/1/20) Luxembourg Times - Law firm A&O told to drop client over conflict of interest
(22/1/20) LFP I Press Release - LFP increases Columna claims against Socgen to $47 million
(2/1/20) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ex-directors for €53 million Columna losses
(18/12/19) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ABN Amro over $10 million Columna losses
(6/12/19) LFP I Press Release - LFP sues ex-directors, administrators over Aventor Ponzi scheme
(12/11/19) Luxembourg Times - LFP sues PWC over Aventor Ponzi scheme audits
(16/10/19) Expert Investor - LFP sues Urban Capital Group over Equity Power Fund fraud
(28/8/19) Luxembourg Times - LFP accuses Belgian businessman, says millions missing
(3/8/19) Belgian Times Times - Investigation into fraud with Belgian real estate
(26/4/19) Expert Investor - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(18/4/19) Reuters - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(19/4/19) Delano - LFP sues Alter Domus, for $55 million over Columna
(28/1/19) Press report - LFP sues SocGen, ex-custodian, for $9 million
(17/1/19) International Adviser - Investment firm takes fund manager battle to Luxembourg court (10/9/18) International Adviser - Investigator steps up pressure on scam Sicav fund
(20/8/18) Expert Investor - Columna fund investigator calls for Lux. regulator action
(30/7/18) International Adviser - Failed Columna fund sets up task force
(28/10/11) Reuters - Goldman sued for $1.07 billion over Timberwolf CDO
(14/6/10) ABC 4Corners TV - Timberwolf, One Shitty Deal
(14/6/10) ABC 4Corners TV - One Shitty Deal
(17/5/10) Reuters - Australia should also probe Goldman: SEC informant
(15/5/10) Wall Street Journal - SEC Chief's Big Bet on Goldman
(27/4/10) US Senate Investigation - Goldman Sachs Hearing
(2/3/00) Bloomberg - Shimoda's Mapley: Russian Stocks, Strategy etc..

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