David Mapley B.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc., M.B.A., M. Inst. Dir.

Chairman & Founder, Shimoda Capital Partners and Shimoda Group

David Mapley has spent 35 years working in the Financial Markets for major international investment banks in New York, Hong Kong, London, Sydney, Tokyo, Toronto, Switzerland and Luxembourg. He initially managed portfolios of derivatives and bonds but eventually headed up all Capital Markets trading while based in Japan. He then moved to Hong Kong to head up Capital Markets Sales for Asia, where he and his team advised central banks and big institutional investors on their debt and currency reserves portfolios. He co-founded the Shimoda Group in 1993, becoming involved in launching investment funds in Vietnam and Far East Russia and trading Cuba restructured national debt. Shimoda's activity has since expanded to cover North American, European & Asia-Pacific markets.

He was the Chief Investment Officer of the Shimoda Russia Renaissance Fund, the Shimoda Emerging Europe Fund and the Shimoda Alliance Fund. He was also the Business Manager of Shimoda Resources Holdings listed in the USA. He is/has been an Independent Director of, or Advisor to, several other Emerging Markets investment Funds, including the first large Russia/NIS debt fund, Orion Russia/NIS Opportunity Fund launched in 1996. After predicting the Russian debt collapse in 1998, he became active in trading and re-structuring Emerging European debt in subsequent years, including running a debt buy-back program for the National Bank of Romania.

David has also acted as a Director of listed companies in UK, Canada, USA and Australia, predominantly in the technology and Emerging European mining industry. More recently, he is an active investor in the renewable energy sector.

In encountering investment fraud within the financial industry, David formed an informal group of financial investigators, investigative journalists, and ex-law enforcement offices, under the banner Intel Suisse. Intel Suisse has been involved in investigating some major global frauds - e.g. the sub-prime crisis as an expert for the US Senate, and various Asian investment scams.

David was a regular feature as a commentator and writer on the Russia/NIS markets, e.g. on CNBC Europe, CNN Moneyline, Reuters Financial TV, Bloomberg TV, Dukascopy TV and writing for the US-Russia Chamber of Commerce, as well as speaking at international fund conferences. He continues to present on renewable energy and fraud investigation, as well as witing about the investment funds industry.

David's academic background commenced at the London School of Economics as student (B.Sc.(Econ.), M.Sc.) then as a teacher in Probability Theory & Operational Research, before obtaining an M.B.A. in Finance at University of Chicago. He later authored 2 Euromoney Yearbook Chapters on Interest-Rate/Currency Swaps, as well as writing and presenting courses on bond portfolio management and bond options. He is a member of the Institute of Directors in London, and also an avid rower....

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