Shimoda Resources Limited

Shimoda Resources Limited is a Cyprus-based corporation, established in Sept. 1997.
The corporation features regularly on Bloomberg TV and CNBC Europe.

The corporation's business objective is to achieve above-average capital appreciation by acquiring a diversified portfolio of resource companies and resource licences in "Emerging Europe", namely the Russian Federation ("Russia"), other former Soviet Union republics or Newly Independent States ("NIS), and Central & Eastern Europe.

The corporation's objective is to provide the investor with a superior long term return on investment with limited risk and volatility by adhering to the following investment principles:
To concentrate on companies engaged in the production of natural resources to benefit from the leverage effect of companies price increases

To seek low-cost producers to mitigate against lower product prices and maximize profits on rising prices

To emphasize excellence of management and superior growth

To diversify geographically within the region and by industry sectors

Not to deal directly in commodities

To create sector clusters, e.g. Platinum Group Metals investments, Nickel investments

The Corporation will continue to concentrate on four resources sectors: energy, precious metals, non-ferrous metals as well as industrial, paper and forest products. The relative weighting of each resource sector and region is carefully selected according to their attractiveness at any given time.

Shimoda Capital Advisors Ltd
c/o Caledonian House
George Town, Grand Cayman
Tel: (1345) 949-0050
Fax: (1345) 949-8062