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Shimoda Emerging Europe Fund (closed to new investors)

BLOOMBERG CODE - SHMRNII OS Equity DES / Swiss Valoren #821073 (formerly The Shimoda Russia/NIS Inv. Co.)

The Shimoda Emerging Europe Fund is a tax-exempt Cayman-based off-shore investment company, established in 1997. The Fund's investment objective is to achieve above-average capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and debt securities of "Emerging Europe", primarily of the Russian Federation ("Russia"), other former Soviet Union republics or Newly Independent States ("NIS), and Central & Eastern Europe.

** Best performing Emerging Markets Fund for 3 years, by Sharpe Ratio.**
(Barclay Trading Group - Nov. 02)

Shimoda Capital Partners
9-11 Rue Louvigny,
L-1946 Luxembourg

Shimoda Capital Partners
P.O. Box 204,
George Town, KY1-1104
Grand Cayman