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Shimoda Capital Partners is part of the Shimoda Group, established in Asia as a financial consulting company in 1993. Shimoda Capital was established in the Cayman Islands in 1996 in order to create an offshore entity for the purpose of hedge funds advisory, management, corporate services, and provision of directors. Shimoda initially specialised in Emerging equity and debt markets, particularly “Emerging Europe” and Asia, winning awards from MAR Hedge and other tracking agencies for top performing hedge funds.

The firm was one of the earliest investors in Russia and the Newly Independent States (NIS), with the principals of the company having been involved in this region from soon after the breakdown of the command economies in the early 1990’s. Shimoda still benefits from extensive accumulated experience in the region as well as established contacts and networking built up over many years, and featured regularly as commentators in the media & publications. To this day Shimoda is still active both in Emerging Europe and Asia.

In the mid-2000's the firm started to diversify into investing/allocating into emerging technologies, while continuing to work with a number of investment funds and institutional investors on asset allocation strategies. In recent years the search for zero-correlation investments has led to asset allocations into forex, commodities, and alternatives especially investing in art. In conjunction with zero-correlation investing, Shimoda has ventured into private equity, providing capital and advisory services as well as independent directorships.

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