Shimoda Group History

Shimoda Group was established in Asia as a financial consulting company, in 1993, by Andrew Kershaw and David Mapley and a group of investors with extensive experience in Asian banking and capital markets. In 1996, Shimoda Capital was established in the Cayman Islands in order to create an offshore entity for the purpose of funds advisory, management, corporate services, and provision of directors. Shimoda initially specialised in Emerging equity and debt markets, particularly “Emerging Europe” and Asia. Stuart Nelson, also active in the Asian capital markets in the early 1990's, joined the group to bring his pension investment and structuring expertise to Shimoda. The firm works with a number of investment funds and special purpose vehicles and advises institutional and "sophisticated persons" and high net worth persons" on asset allocation and pension strategies.

The firm was one of the earliest investors into Russia and Emerging Europe with the principals of the company having been involved in the area from soon after the breakdown of the command economies in the early 1990’s. Shimoda benefits from accumulated experience in the region as well as extensive contacts and networking built up over many years. In 2017 Shimoda Group launched 2 private equity funds, targetting the Swiss Luxury sector as well as the Renewable Energy sector.

Shimoda works with a number of international partners for sourcing capital and co-investing :- Harbour Associates (USA), JM Investment Advisors (Cayman/ Switzerland), Wegest (Switzerland), Ram Partners (Switzerland), Samsung Life (South Korea), Sumitomo Corporation (Japan/USA), SwissBrandGroup SA (Switzerland), and others.

Shimoda Capital Partners
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George Town
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