Art Investing

Shimoda Group has partnered with Geneva-based Ambassade d'Art (, to offer investment & collection strategies to art collectors. Ambassade d'Art ("AA") manages collections and assists first-time buyers up to professional collectors in constructing a customised portfolio of art, maximizing aesthetic and investment gains over the long-run, and avoiding the pitfalls and commissions presented by the large professional buyers and auction houses. Ambassade d’Art's clients are internationally based, and benefit from the excellent art platforms accessed all over the world - Geneva, New York, Hong Kong and other established and emerging art centres.

Working together, Shimoda and Ambassade d'Art merge investment and aesthetic motives together for the benefit of clients, across the world of visual arts: painting, sculpture, photography, moving images, sound art. Each collection is customised to individual taste and preferences, and aims for both aesthetic and price appreciation. Art should be bought at the "right" price, which requires experience and skill to understand - be it $1,000 or $100 million.

Ambassade d'Art also works with expositions and museums to lend or display art pieces, such at the Giez music festival in Neuchatel, the Verbier Art Summit, and the Verbier Art en Mouvement video art fete. Ambassade d'Art also curates the Shimoda collection and a joint investment collection with Shimoda.

Art Investing for the Next Generation February 2018

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